Phase One

Type 1

PROJECT 001: Letter

Week One

Right after downloading all the fonts, using text tool in illustrator I typed every Latin and Arabic alphabet from different fonts and stared at them for about 10 minutes. At first, they all looked similar to me but then later I started noticing their huge differences. I also made a thick stroked square with a white background to see which alphabet would blend in with other.

Even though I was pretty confident that I would be able to them properly, unfortunately, I was wrong. I faced so many difficulties, maybe it is because I am a noob. It’s so hard to keep black and white balanced and when that is balanced enough the alphabets become unreadable.

My first attempt was a huge failure but after looking at other’s work and professor’s help, I pretty much got the idea where I went wrong. I started off with latin and Latin alphabets and came up with different results

Even though they were not perfect I was glad I could at least do this much. I then started Latin and Arabic and felt like a newbie again, I realized working with different language is just like how I started with latin-latin alphabets.

Week Two



It’s the second week and I am still struggling. I noticed that it is very hard to follow all the rules. Since I am struggling a lot, I asked one of my senior for help and guidance. I started all over again. I asked one of my senior to judge, he told me which all were wrong and how I am depending a lot on the background and how most of the alphabets are not 50% within the frame.



Arabic-Arabic: I faced a lot of difficulties while making these

letter p, d & b

I have noticed that letter P(p) B(b) & D(d), look similar when rotated or reflected and are difficult to work with, so I avoided using these alphabets.

Week three


Latin – Latin

  1. I used the alphabet B & Q because visually they seem to fit together. We can tell it is a B because half of the letter Q covers the letter B.
  2. Here I used the letter S and a. S can be seen because of its curves that I had decided to show and for the letter a, there is no other letter which looks like a.

I used the alphabets K and R, they are easily detected. For the alphabet K, I decided to show its joining point and corners and R is used after reflecting it vertically.


  1. Here I used the letter K and Arabic alphabet ن. Here ن detaches the letter K but the alphabet K is still recognizable.
  2. I used Latin, lower case letter “e” and Arabic letter ط. I used the already existing spaces in e and manipulated ط in it.
  3. Here I used the alphabet “a” and Arabic letter ط. The letter a is easily detectable whereas for ط I made sure that standing line is visible because it could look like ص otherwise.


  1. Here my letters are ح and و. I used و as the background letter. It could be confused between م but if looked closely م line goes to the left directly whereas for و there is spacing and makes a wide curve.
  2. For this, I used م  and ى.  I used م from the font Sana so it does not have the long stick and is pretty visibleى.
  3. I used ة  and ل here. I used ة as a background because it has more curves and basically is round so that I could fit ل, which is thin.



A helpful site which tells the basic terms for typography.

Hopefully, I will know these basic terms before next project. 😛


Week four

Start of the week, we were said to type two pairs of Latin words and two pairs of Arabic words on A3 and align them accordingly. I started off by searching the meaning of every word.

bitter- having a strong and often unpleasant flavor that is the opposite of sweet.

saccharine – too sweet or sentimental

euphoric- characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness.

miserable- wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable.

stultify- cause to lose enthusiasm and initiative, especially as a result of a tedious or restrictive routine.

galvanize- shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action.

dismal- depressing; dreary

cheerful- noticeably happy and optimistic.

ornate- made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns.

austere-  severe or strict in manner, attitude, or appearance.

chaotic- In a state of complete confusion and disorder.

tidy- arranged neatly and in order.

precise- marked my exactness

inaccurate- not correct or exact

hilarious- very funny

serious- having an important or dangerous possible result

adorable- very appealing

repulsive- causing strong dislike or disgust

fleeting- not lasting

leisurely- without haste

Next, I made notes on my chosen words

then I fixed the word by forming a solid shape in between, I realized giving them equal space made the word look horrible I also noticed that it depends on where you measure the distance from. I also made a green line so that I can see that my letters are aligned properly.

Then I wrote down my ideas for the word “adorable”

After feedback from my friend Hessa, I canceled some of my ideas because they were not working well and finalized one main idea for the word adorable.

I decided to make creepy a** doll heads. OH, MY GOD! I love it and there’s another idea of making the letter from peacock feathers which Prof. Law loves so much. I have decided to push both these ideas and see which one works better for me.

I also tried experimenting. Since my idea is about creepy dolls, I am thinking to sculpt these dolls using clay. After some research, I found out that these dolls are made by cold porcelain clay and there is a way to make it yourself so I experimented to make cold porcelain clay.

First Experiment


corn flour- 1 cup

white glue- 1 cup

vinegar- 1 tablespoon

baby oil- 1 tablespoon

Mix all together and cook the mixture on low heat stove.


Unfortunately, my experiment was a failure and the dough got stuck everywhere.😣 I made the clay again and it turned out just fine. Hip hip hurray!

I started sculpting and it’s so much fun even though I cant get the look of a professional doll.

Week five


It’s week five and I have made a final decision to choose “adorable” word to experiment with and use disgusting looking doll faces. I printed out the letter “a” from the word adorable using clay which I made I made normal faces and started to make them creepy. I filled out the spaces with some disgusting insects.

 Also tried the peacock feather idea, unfortunately, I did not have enough time because It took a whole day to make the doll faces so I just randomly stuck the feathers. I felt it was really hard to control the feather’s It may be because of the medium glue which In used to stick or It might be the paper, which became wet from the glue.

Unfortunately, after critique, I was told that it still isn’t creepy enough so I decided to use dolls to experiment with rather than making them from clearly it isn’t working.

Week six

Third experiment-


Finally, I have reached somewhere. I had started off with something really different. I had the intention to make creepy dolls from the beginning but I was not able to bring out the effect that I wanted well no matter my failures has led me somewhere. I still find it difficult to place and fit the dolls in the letters. I think taking the letter out in physical form will be better rather than using flat letters. I might try cardboard and then fix the dolls on it. I have a lot of space left in the letters I am thinking to add small heads and fill them and with some insects.


All these are failed experiments again😭 I keep taking the wrong track. I went and asked professor again, he suggested me not try so hard to make them look creepy instead just use one of the body parts for one letter that would make it look creepy by itself. 

I cut out my letter on theromocol sheet for a strong base.


I divided the torsos to make a proper design with then, unfortunately, I don’t have enough dolls and need to buy more.

I Started cutting the base

It is really hard to fix the faces exactly on the alphabets so I still have to refine it and also the way I took photos are horrible.


Agh FML! It’s pixelated.

Week 7

I already knew what was wrong with my previous work so I tried fixing it. I took my photos again but my issue is that my word doesn’t fit in one frame so I decided to photograph them separately and edit them and save them as png.

My word still doesn’t fit in A2. When I kern them, my letters don’t fit the page and when they do my experiment with the dolls isn’t visible & I noticed that when I separately edited them they look more like digitally done.

I retook my photos again

again I could not make it fit in one photo shoot. I still had the problem of getting them together because for some reason they have different shadows even though I took them in the same light.

I tried fixing the background with healing tool in adobe photoshop, which I learned from professor Mahmoud, but I think I still don’t know how to handle the tool here.

I retook my photos again😩

& again 😒

I think this time it worked well and I can edit it to make it final.

I edited it & made the hair disappear because it looked weird and didn’t go along with the other parts.

Working with light room



What  I learned from this project is that there are fun ways to learn anything. I mostly learned about kerning and how the typefaces work. I learned that kerning the letters equally doesn’t make it work. I learned that the materials I worked with were hard to fit within the typeface but experiments helped me with that issue.






Project 001: Phase One

Design Methods & Processes

Week One

Phase 001

The beginning-

As soon as we were said to bring an object which means a lot to us, I thought of using a light bulb, which was gifted to me from my dad. It has this clever way of switching it on which amused me. It switches on when you pull the rope above it. Now that’s cunning, am I right!?

My Object- OFF

My Object- ON










Step 2

Mind Mapping-

“And now I shall unleash my creativity and potential,” said the struggling graphic designer.

I make my mind map on the whiteboard which is beside my bed so that I can keep adding my ideas.

Step 3


Now it’s time to put some action to these words!

My pairs


I choose this to show action and reaction. Most of us know about the kite experiment which was conducted by Benjamin Franklin. I thought this would best suit for action and reaction as it also shows nature of lightning and electricity.

I used one cheerio for making the key and rest for eating, yummy for my tummy. I used spaghetti & butter paper for making the kite and I painted the skeleton with ranch. Talk about the best breakfast one could get!


I decided to show the concept of creepy and pleasant by showing eyeball detached and a closed eye. It’s far-fetched but since the pupil dilates when exposed to light and constricts when you sniff cocaine or marijuana, now I am not saying to try it! It’s scientifically proven.

I used thermocol for the eyeball and used blue and red threads for eye nerves. To make a closed eye I cut out my makeup brush (R.I.P) for the eyebrows and false lashes. However, I am still not convinced with the closed eye, still thinking about more ideas to make it more convincing.


Mind and Spirit

I used walnut to resemble mind because it is the closest object which looks like a brain and for spirit, I choose a feather. I first had a white feather but it blended with the background and was not visible so I changed the color to yellow.



100 objects

Week 3

Phase 002

Step 1

It’s the third week and I have no idea where this is going.  We were told to refine our best three ideas. It sounded pretty easy but as soon as I started I totally got lost again. I decided I would do it even if it is wrong because I won’t get it right until and unless I make mistakes.


Reduction :: Elaboration

Concrete :: Abstract

Metaphorical :: Literal


Step 2


week 4



Step 1

We are together:

Thank God! I wasn’t the only one who could not come up with the comparisons. 😝

Our great professor Law explained us again because we are such noobs😫. This time I made sure to record and make notes so that I understand the comparisons well enough. After all the explanation it got easier to compare and refine my objects & I came up with many comparisons.


Reduction:: Elaboration | Concrete:: Abstract | Metaphorical:: literal



Reduction: elaboration

I refined my previous one after getting critiques from my friends. I changed the dew with rainbow to a diagram of a prism because it is the minimal and simplified way to show a prism and for elaboration, I choose an image of a rainbow🌈

Concrete: Abstract

Here my object was loud which led to entertainment.🎧 🎬 🎹 🥁🎮 I refined it into clubbing (don’t judge😇).I thought a television would be more thoughtful for concrete because it is more pragmatic/informative form of entertainment. For abstract, I choose an icon for theatre[ sad and happy masks] because it gives us emotions.

Metaphorical: Literal 

For this, my object was eyeball but it looked way too creepy so I refined it into an eye. I choose the action of falling down in a dream and literally falling off the bed from having a nightmare.

Extra’s because having  plan B is always best 😏

Step 2

Visual Statements of:


my previous poor  work

It’s shit 💩 I know it all too well but😂 I refined it and came out with better shit. 💩

I choose one binary opposite from my own list i.e Safe and Dangerous. I could not find the perfect image so I tangled up some wires and made it look like a brain but I got feedback from my tiny friend (Steffi) that I should change the wording because the brain can over think and it’s dangerous whereas wires have rubber on them which are insulators so they are safe. For the second, one I choose organic and mechanical. As we know hot balloons don’t need electricity and run on low intensity and according to my research low intensity is described in organic solidarity and bulb is of course described in mechanical solidarity, even a blonde knows it 😏




I had finalized my work but when i asked others, it did not make sense to them. I tried changing the images and got them better than before. I also replaced some bad images, it’s amazing how I could not see what wasn’t working well but my friends could see it.


Week 5

Made some sketches for the poster.It was not an easy task to get ideas I had to research a lot and came up with some good ideas, some ideas are too boring and too simple. I went back to look at my 100 objects and tried taking out some ideas through them.


Because these are too simple I tried adding into just one idea. I scanned some items to use for collage.

After using these scanned objects I came up with two different posters.

I tried adding more stuff that I scanned to make it busier, unfortunately, It still feels empty and I think next time I will put an object on the printed copy so that it looks more visual and creates more depth into one main item.

Week 6

I was given a really good direction by Prof. Law about how my papers form a grid and how they could be a great start. He also mentioned to slant my text ” Let the light guide you” and told to look back at my 100 objects so I went back and stared at my 100 objects and all those sleepless nights and crying came to my mind. 😭 because of Law’s critique, I got 2 really awesome ideas in my mind. I saw how I used fake hair to make eyebrows and eyelashes and how I had eyeball which I could use for the poster.

Unfortunately, my idea to make a bulb shape with the hairs was a great failure I tried to scan my own hair but they did not have the exact shape of light bulb.

I also tried with the wig, that did not work either.

I decided to add my light bulb icon as a small punch hole for the color papers that I scanned. I also used a grid to align them as perfect as I could.

I scanned candle wax too because I used candle wax in my 100 objects

Instead of keeping the colored paper, I used other scanned objects to cover them and make them interesting

 I also used LED lights that I had used for my 100 objects and changed the text because I am going to relate my object with eyes.

 So I made me some more eyeballs relating to the one I already had and scanned them.

Added information and I also kept the eyeballs image capacity lil low because it gives a better effect.


After hater-raid I was told by my friends and professor Law to change the colors because the color looks too dull, also I removed the icon on aluminum foil because it looked entirely something else. I also added one more sentence and made a little poem with the help of my friend Mo ❤ and I also added a sentence to explain my journey of 100 things.

 New poster beside old one.

 final on board

 Final ❤️